Christos Church Hosts 1,000 Bishops, Pastors Conference In Abuja

           Bishop David Ogudu

By Winnie Kodilonye

From Friday 7th to Sunday 9th of June 2024 the Christos International Worship Centre, off Kabusa Expressway in the Apo Area of Abuja, by “Primary School”, will witness a massive gathering of over 1,000 Bishops and Pastors of various churches in Abuja and its suburbs.

This year’s conference, with the theme of “An Impactful Minister”, is  aimed at helping Christians, especially Pastors, to shepherd their congregation on “a journey to a more excellent life, more excellent living, destiny maximization in all spheres of life” according to  Bishop David Ogudu, the General Overseer of Christos International Worship Centre.

“Christos uses this yearly conference to strengthen the brotherhood and  sorority of the various Christian churches and to bring the people, especially Pastors to learn from the experience, wisdom and expertise
of highly acclaimed motivational Christian speakers.

“This is to enable the Pastors to help members of their congregations to more expertly
fight the good fight and make their lives richer, more fruitful more rewarding and more accomplished.”

Bishop Ogudu goes to great lengths, takes great pains, and bears the great costs in organizing the yearly
conference because he believes that a single effectual Pastor can uplift an untold number of people. Also, the conference brings together pastors from different backgrounds who usually lack the time,
let alone the inclination, to become friends or bond together.

If inter- and intra-denominational friendships are formed at the conference, that would strengthen the love that should abound in Christendom.

For this conference, the carefully selected and highly regarded and
decorated Christian motivational speakers, many of them already iconic
shepherds of churches and accomplished authors of motivational books,
in great demand for speaking engagements across the globe, include
Pastor Sylvanus Okpara, Archbishop Ochei Ochei, Dr. Shegun Oshinaga,
Archbishop Jude Ifenetu, Rev. Mrs Lydia Alfa (she of the golden voice
and a top class banker), Pastor Gabreil Obubua, Bishop N. A, Edibor,
and Bishop Chinyere Iochi. 

They will individually handle various
topics and sub-topics that should help a Pastor to become “An
Impactful Minister”.

The speakers will dissect the various obstacles that lie on the path
of a Pastor, social, psychological, economic, gender, emotional, and
many more, and point out how they could become stepping stones to
higher grounds.

Numerous non-pastors will also be attending the 7th of June (the date
Bishop Ogudu heard the call to be a Pastor) conference. Specially
designated buses, covering the entire Abuja and its suburbs, will
transport such people to and from the conference, daily. Also, the
attendees will be fed all through the three-day conference which will
end with the 8 am Sunday service at the Christos International Worship

Written by: Frank Oshanugor

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