About Us

Our medium AtlanticNewsOnline is a brainchild of the founder cum Editor-in-Chief of SECURITY EXPRESS and WATCHOUT Magazines, Mr. Frank Oshanugor, who has distinguished himself in media practice over the years specialising in print journalism, public relations, publishing, etc. He is also the author of several books, one of which is TERRORISM: THE NIGERIAN (1994 – 1998).

Frank Oshanugor


AtlanticNewsOnline is founded to play a prominent role in the emerging online journalism in Nigeria and other developing countries. With our pedigree, the publication is positioned to combine hard and soft news cutting across sectors of the society in a manner that creates satisfaction for the average reader.

Our focus is essentially on politics, entertainment, maritime, banking, aviation, science, technology, education, hospitality, tourism, culture z sports, fashion, security/safety etc…

The vision of AtlanticNewsOnline is to set a pace in online publishing with truth and objectivity as our core values

Based on our vision, our mission is to ultimately reposition online journalism in contemporary times by not allowing quackery and falsehood to thrive in the media space.

The online medium is owned and published by BESWIN VENTURES – a registered publishing company.