Why Many Nollywood Celebrities Are Not Married ….Eno Udo

By Rossie Tam-West

A Nollywood actress cum event manager, Miss Eno Udo said there are three reasons why many of her colleagues in the entertainment industry are still unmarried in spite of their ages and level of exposure.

Speaking exclusively with AtlanticNewsonline recently, Udo; a graduate of Kwara Polytechnic said the reasons include the fact that most ladies and men in the entertainment industry are still trying to make names for themselves first before settling down. One other reason is that “waywardness is the order of the day for most people, so most of them believe that good partners are rare.”

The third factor according to her, is that many of the unmarried ones especially the females, are weighing the financial conditions of their intended partners before settling down, thereby wasting more time.

On the current situation in Nigeria’s entertainment industry, the actress said “since the advent of Covid-19, most things have changed. Concerning the movie industry, in most cases, marketers have not been coming forward to sponsor movies like before. Audition populations are most times limited in number. While in the event management sector, clients no longer believe in inviting much people to their occasions thereby reducing the amount of money usually made by event practitioners. Most activities/events are now done Online,” she explained.

However, she was quick to point out that “in recent times despite the fact that the population of people being invited for events have reduced compared to pre-Covid-19 era, the catering aspect still pays because people make orders every now and then as food consumption is not avoidable.”

Speaking further on the issue of marriage, Udo said, “I believe most times it’s lack of understanding, trust and endurance. In most cases too, the other partner who is not a celebrity gets tired of the attention given to the other partner and feels he or she is not taking the home important.”

The actress Eno Udo, from Akwa Ibom State was once married to a Yoruba man but got separated after some years for reasons bordering on childlessness. She remained undisturbed and consistently moved on with her profession and life generally until three years ago when she found herself in another relationship which has joyfully resulted in her becoming a mother of a baby girl in 2020.

Ask Udo what is the situation with her new man now, she would have this to say, “as the chapter unfolds, I will let you know. Am taking each day at a time.”

As a mother now who has to combine the care of her child with her profession, Udo has this to say: “I must confess that it has been a bit challenging but due to the fact that I am a strong and determined woman, I have been able to manage all of it. I have a nanny who looks after my daughter when am out to work. As a mother I must confess that most times when am out working, I seriously miss my daughter but the show must go on in entertainment so I put my head together and proceed.”

She is quite enthused that in spite of the harsh economic situation in Nigeria, the entertainment industry is not doing badly. “I must be honest, the entertainment industry is growing better, more and more everyday. More people are making money from it, all thanks to God and their fans.”

Commenting on the recently trended news in the social media about the completion of a multi-billion naira housing estate in Abuja by a popular Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji, Udo said, “well if you ask me, I do not think most top Nollywood Actors depend on just acting for a living. Business is very important especially in the economy of today. I believe business is involved.”

On the Big Brother Naija reality show, the event manager has this to say: It is a Reality Show,and also we have lots of business men and women who are making money from advertisement being aired. So if the housemates decide to turn themselves to something else in the house by living immorally on live TV, they are only tanishing their image for the future and not that of the sponsors or advertisers. I feel they are all adults but caution should be given to most things they show or say like what played out during their recent re-union session. I feel bad hearing some of them boldly talking about their sexual escapade in-house without being mindful of how their families or followers feel about such things.”

If the hardworking mother of one and entertainer has opportunity of mentoring the Nigerian youths particularly those interested in the entertainment industry, this is what she has to say: “I will say take God and education very important. Do not joke with your talent and never allow anyone talk you down on what you want to become. Rome was not built in a day, so do not be in a hurry to be famous. Work hard and believe in yourself. Above all, be prayerful.”

Written by: Frank Oshanugor

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