Tinubu Presidency: What Moral Lessons For Nigerian Youths

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

By Ikenna Okonkwo

The writer of this article Engr. Ikenna Okonkwo, a Chartered Engineer is a Fellow, Nigerian Society of Engineers. _He is a_ passionate lover of Nigeria and in this piece sent from Abuja, he bares his mind on what he feels about the Tinubu Presidency and the moral lessons for Nigerians particularly the youths.

“I don’t have any personal beef against President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. I salute his intelligence, sagacity and dexterity and sound knowledge of administration. No one will take it away from him and it’s not in doubt but as much as we give him that credit his penchant for bulldozing his way by all means, is what gets me worried and he ought to be checked and deposed of this presidency otherwise the upcoming youths will think that is the way to go.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not the APC-people candidate in the Primaries, there are more qualified ones than him both in age, knowledge and ability but he bulldozed his way through and all yelled him JAGABAN!!!!!!!!!!.

It didn’t end there. He came to the General Election with the same spirit and bulldozed INEC through and today he is sworn in as the Executive President of Nigeria.

So what are we teaching young ones that THUGGERY, FORGERY AND BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION is the way to go. Quite Unfortunate. My greatest concern in all of These is the FUTURE of Nigeria. If Bola Ahmed Tinubu is allowed to continue to be the President of Nigeria through this brazen stolen mandate what becomes of our Future DEMOCRACY????????.

Are we still going to Vote?. Vote for who?. Does vote still counts?. Where are those Bishops, Imams, Reverend Father’s, Pastors Who preached to us in various Churches and Mosques to go And register and collect our PVC? Can they see that Tinubu Presidency has rubbished the whole of those preachings?

The whole Pastors, Bishops and Imams are now speechless, none of them is speaking again. So what shall we do with future PVC Registration and Collection?. Is it still necessary?. Do we still need to have an institution called INEC in the first place who instead of planning how to conduct a free and fair election will be busy saying one thing and doing another on the basis of the more you look the less you see.

If Tinubu continues to be the President, would there be any presidential election in 2027?. If he was able to bribe his way through the Buhari appointed Professor Mahmoud Yakubu, is it the person that he Bola Tinubu will appoint to replace Professor Mahmoud Yakubu that you will expect a better result from? For those who are smiling that Tinubu has hit the ground running which GROUND?.

If we know what Tinubu Government will do to Nigeria, one will find out that every Nigerian both old and young will join hand to kick Tinubu out. I can prophecy of the many dangers Nigerians will face under Tinubu Administration. Let us not make mistake about it. If MC Oluomo succeeded in disenfranchising Igbos and Easterners from voting on Gubernatorial Election in Lagos State organised his thugs to beat up a woman with blood stains in Lagos who still went back and voted for Labour Party, also burning ballot papers of Labour Party votes in Lagos.

Do you know the number of votes for Labour party that were Destroyed in Lagos State? I cry for Peter Obi and for Labour Party. I cry for our beloved country NIGERIA. If you put all Peter Obi votes in Lagos State alone its over One Million and JAGABAN may be left with few hundreds of thousands of votes if it got to that level and with that Bola Ahmed TINUBU is the President of NIGERIA Today and you said that we should forget and forgive and support him.

If Tinubu and Peter Obi were running neck to neck and Tinubu whether cleanly or uncleanly came first it could be understandable but the gap is so wide and yet this man manovered his way through and Become the President.

We are busy saying he has hit the ground running which moral justification would Tinubu have to fight a Corrupt Nigerian when he himself is number one usurper of Political Power. May God help His People. Nigeria needs REBIRTH and we will not get it from a FRAUDULENTLY Power secured PRESIDENT.

Let the judiciary return the mandate to the man who won the election – the people’s choice and mandate.When the righteous is on the throne, Nigerians will rejoice.

Written by: Frank Oshanugor

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