Stop Wasting Resources On Medical Tourism As Solutions Are Locally Available, Trado-medical Doctor Tells Nigerians

Dr. Hart Ugochukwu

By Frank Oshanugor

At a time many affluent Nigerians are deeply inclined towards seeking medical help in foreign hospitals for ailments like renal failure and other terminal diseases, the Founder/Medical Director of Ugomedix International Limited, Dr. Hart Ugochukwu has called for a paradigm shift, with a view to saving humongous amounts expended annually in such foreign health facilities.

The tradomedical doctor, who studied pharmacology, said that God has blessed Nigeria with plants and herbs that can cure all diseases, but because of intellectual laziness and much leaning towards western culture against indigenous solutions, many are ignorant of the gifts of God freely bestowed on Africans, particuladly Nigerians.

In a recent interview with the media, Dr. Hart Ugochukwu advised Nigerians to accept traditional medicine, stop wasting money in search of a cure abroad and infusing their bodies with chemicals that could eventually cause untimely death. Excerpts:

As a traditional medicine practitioner, what is your take on the increasing incidence of medical tourism overseas by Nigerians suffering from renal failure and other terminal diseases?

Renal failure is a condition in which the kidney can no longer process things that it is supposed to process, such as food, and by so doing, allowing waste and many things that are supposed to be expelled from the system to accumulate. The kidney is the engine that digests any intake and also expels it, while the liver processes everything that comes in and sends to the kidney then the kidney digests it and expels it when it’s due for removal.

Where the kidney now develops problems, the person will start having constipation, because the kidney has failed; that is, it’s not working well. You’ll be having unexpected gas, unwanted gas in your system, and from there the patient can develop high blood pressure, heart problem and many other sicknesses, especially indigestion. One of the symptoms is experiencing indigestion from time to time, but when it exceeds a certain limit, you’ll now be having the full retention of fluids, that means your tummy will be bloating, your legs will start to swell up and that’s what we call edema, that is, retention of fluid.

All these are things that God has blessed us with solutions here in Nigeria, but we are undermining the blessings and looking for where there is no solution. People travel to India for kidney transplant. Recently, a prominent Nigerian was jailed because of a kidney transplant plot, but I would have cured his daughter here in Nigeria under one month. I would have revived her kidneys without much expenses. For the first one week, the kidney would have been revived. I don’t understand why people look down on traditional medicine and do not appreciate what God has given them condemning or looking down on what you have; that is what the Bible called covetousness, not being satisfied with what you have but your eye is eager to get other things that are not meant for you.

What are the things you use in reviving dead kidneys?

I am a professional traditional medicine practitioner who studied traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology. I studied botany, the study of plants, how to use plants to form either food, water or juice that a patient will be drinking. While drinking the medication, the patient will be enjoying it as they will not taste as medicine, but it will give you what orthodox medicine cannot give.
For instance, take appendicitis. People go for surgery and that is the highest thing they do medically, but I use raw fruits and vegetables to cure it under 48 hours. After taking the drugs, the waste will be flushed out, instead of cutting your body, leaving materials that may in future endanger your life. So, there is nothing difficult about kidney diseases or liver problems.

How true is it that there are cartels that are into harvesting of kidneys in Nigeria?

That is why I am educating people to stop kidney transplant and to use herbs to revive dead kidneys. Most of the kidnap cases in Nigeria are not only for ransom collection or for ritual purposes, but also for organ harvesting. The surprising thing is that, sometimes, after killing victims and harvesting kidneys, they don’t match that of the patients. So, there is no need to kill people because of kidney problems. God has made it so that you don’t need to kill somebody to survive. All you need to do is locate Ugomedix International and your problem is solved.

What will your herbal solution do about dialysis, because people are spending lots of money on it ?

Move round the cities of Abuja, Lagos and other places and visit dialysis centres to see how many people are trooping there every day. Most people are just counting days, their days are numbered because they don’t have money to travel out of the country for kidney transplant. The worst is that they are spending lots of money on dialysis because the patient’s family cannot watch him go through excruciating pains even though their days are numbered. You don’t need dialysis. Dialysis is a process where they extract the excess fluid from the system, but without handling how the fluid can stop coming up, and by so doing you’ve not done anything and are even endangering people’s lives. What they’re doing is extracting blood, because you can’t bring out water alone from the body. They extract blood and, by so doing, they may inject infected blood with HIV and other diseases into the system and, at the end, nothing has been done to handle the case. But in Ugomedix International, we will kill the cause of the pressure on the organ not functioning then revive the infected organ to start producing anything that it needs. We can revive the pancreas in diabetes patients. When the pancreas doesn’t function well to produce its own liquid, called insulin, then what they’re giving people is an extraction, pancreatic juice extracted from animals like bear and monkey. That is what they use in forming insulin and inject it into human beings. Now, such a thing is not needed. That is why, once you start it, you don’t stop. But the best solution is to revive the pancreas so that it can start controlling the level of carbohydrates that come into the body, instead of artificial insulin.
That of the liver, though the majority of these come as a result of long-term infections, many of them are the side effects of being on regular medication like those for treating high blood pressure, those that are diabetic, even those with kidney problems. In the process of taking regular medicine without a solution, without hope of when to stop it, the side effects come and cause more harm to the body. Here, we treat the person and revive the organs and they start functioning, without anybody killing people because they want their organs to be transplanted to them.

Could you give more insight into liver problem, can your medicine revive dying liver?

Yes! Liver disease is another dangerous thing. Like I earlier said, it is the organ that controls and processes everything being taken into the body but when it stops functioning, everything you eat would just go straight to the kidney. It also causes similar kinds of symptoms like kidney failure, but it’s only a professional that’ll know the symptoms from problems of the kidney and symptoms that are of the liver. The majority of liver disease cases are caused when bile is not dropping in the appropriate place. Once the bile is infected, that is, the chemical that melts everything you take into the system, when it is faulty, instead of dropping on the food you take, it now starts dropping inside the liver; by so doing, it starts damaging the liver. You’ll be going for treatment for God knows how long but in Ugomedix, there’s a solution. You will be treated with natural herbs. For clearity, I am not a native or witch-doctor. I studied about plants and know the vitamins and nutrients they contain. We treat you with herbs turned to water or food or as juice, and you take it.

Can your medical centre treat cases of cancer?

Yes, there is nothing that herbal medicine cannot cure. Cancer is an inflammatory disease that is treated within a period of three months. But anything relating to heart, liver and kidney is treated under a month and the patient will be 100% free from problems. Liver is another critical organ that, once it stops functioning, you don’t have the hope of living long because the liver is attached to the heart and, once the heart stops working, the person is gone. In my medical centre, whether it is heart, kidney or liver, we have total solutions. Instead of going to India, the United Kingdom or Europe to waste billions of naira, visit Ugomedix and be free from all sorts of diseases.

Talking about cancer, breast cancer in particular, how much cure can your organisation realise about cancer?

Cancer is an inflammatory disease. Our medical colleague has made it known that some people do not know that they are suffering from cancer. They could call it so many names but at the end it all boils down to cancer. Cancer is the most stubborn disease ever and many cases are as a result of infection that has lasted long in the system, that has damaged many things and caused inflammation. Many of the causes are regular intake of medicine, certain types of foods, all these canned foods, milk and all the rest. If you’re told milk is the number one promoter of cancer, would you believe? Every home can’t do without milk. But milk is your enemy. Milk causes cancer. However, cancer, like I said, is a very stubborn disease. Still, no matter how stubborn it is, we also have the solution. There is a solution that takes three months and above, depending on how big it is, how stubborn it is, but once you start our treatment, your condition will not worsen, whether it is breast cancer, cancer of the heart, cancer of the liver, any part of the body where the cancer is, we don’t care to know. The cancer-producing cells have to die before it stops and even when it stops it will not just melt at the same time, it will gradually melt away. Cancer is said to be stronger than HIV. HIV only has ‘notorious’ name but cancer is a more stubborn disease. If it is HIV, for us here, in seven weeks it is gone. But cancer takes between three months and a year of treatment, depending on how big and stubborn it is.
However, whether it takes long or a shorter period, once you come to Ugomedix International, you are sure that you’ll get your solution.

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Written by: Frank Oshanugor

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