ShapClick: Mohammed Aliyu Launches All In One Social Media App 

By Frank Oshanugor

A young Nigerian has launched a new social media App known as ‘ ShapClick’. ShapClick, a social media messaging App, developed by a Nigerian, is set to take over Facebook, Twitter and others.

According to the App developer’s spokesperson, Mr. Hyacinth Chinweuba, the social media App which was launched on the 22nd of November, 2021, was created by Mohammed Aliyu.

Chinweuba said ShapClick is an indigenous messaging application, which enables users to chat, make audio and video calls, unrestricted numbers of group chats as well shop for affordable and genuine products.

Chinweuba further stated that ShapClick is a social media application that enables people to connect to each other in communities, share videos and audios, stickers and files, blogging and also grow business.

According to him, the App has many features such as videos, audios, files, stickers and can also be used by bloggers.

“Some of the benefits of the App include being able to chat, share videos and files. The App is safe because more authentication has been put in place to protect end to end encryption of private chat between users,”

He stated that the App is built in a way to protect users’ information and privacy.

With the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) putting mobile subscriptions as at June, at 163 million, which have heavily relied on foreign messaging App that serve no local content as it were, ShapClick is positioned to bridge that gap.

Chinweuba, said there is no doubt that Nigerians are hungry for a new technology and need something different that can be called our “own”.

“We are not in ShapClick for revenue purposes, we are in it to solve a bigger problem and create employment in the country.”

According to him, every Nigerian is an embodiment of possibilities, potentialities as it were. “For Nigeria to be what we want it to be, Nigerians must come out to be what to figuring out how to solve our problems, we must invest in our people, equip them to contribute productively and creatively.”

“We have privacy settings which is built for the purpose. User phone numbers are not also visible to other users and personal information is not visible.

“We have the admin panel for the team use. They can see any post and other things but cannot see the chat conversations. We can delete videos, pictures if there is a report and accounts can also be deleted. Also, users’ pages can also be modified. Misinformation, fake news can be handled and taken down when users report issues and we confirm it as fake. Same goes for gory contents”, Chinweuba said.

“We do so much than messaging, we want to empower and improve on the way messaging is done today, by giving access to users to shop, while Soft chatting and Soft talking at the same time.

He said ShapClick has tremendous potential and rooms for growth and streamline revenue strategies and masterplan and is passionate about creating high paying jobs and growing the nation’s technology sector, so if you are investors, developers and citizens who are looking at becoming part of a growing startup, they can get across to us.”

Chinweuba noted that every Nigerian is qualified for original product. Whether you’re looking for a quality brand new or used phone, the longest battery life or accessories, there’s always something for you on ShapClick Messenger, the first Nigeria’s Messaging App which enables users to not just chat but shop for quality controlled products and services that you can trust.

The ShapClick  is a Nigerian App developed with the aim to share news, photos, videos as well market goods and services to the teaming clickers around the world.

There is a feature that enables two or more people to share third party videos while make video calls and watch the same video simultaneously.

“ShapClick is one of the various Apps I developed and the zeal to be a problem solver prompted me to start thinking of creating something that Africans can proudly say it is theirs, the developer was quoted as saying.

“Many countries in the world, particularly in Asia, have managed to put their Apps together, notably the Japanese, the Chinese, the Koreans and Indians.

“My desire is to contribute to the society tapping from the priceless experiences I have acquired over all these years in school, have started bearing fruits, starting with the unveiling of this ‘ShapClick’ App”

“Africa must be developed by Africans, in collaboration with the international community,’’ he said.

Written by: Frank Oshanugor

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