Institute Of Security Pays Tribute To Late Ona Ekhomu, Describes Him As Accomplished Security Professional

Late Dr. Ona Ekhomu

By Frank Oshanugor

As family, friends and associates across Nigeria and beyond, prepare to give Dr. Ona Ekhomu who died on 8th August, 2021 a befitting burial, the Institute of Security, Nigeria (ISN) at the University of Lagos has paid glowing tribute to the late doyen of security in a lengthy statement made available to AtlanticNewsonline on Wednesday.

The statement which was signed by the Director General of the Institute, Barrister Adebayo Akinade, said “Nigeria has lost a thorough bred, illustrious son, a real patriot, academic and excellent security and management consultant. Africa has lost a hero and sage. We will always remember him for his kindness, forthrightness and exemplary services to humanity and education in Nigeria.

Describing Ekhomu as a titan, the Institute where the late Ekhomu holds Fellowship said “A good man has departed from our midst. Dr. Ona Ekhomu was a principled, honest, cerebral and disciplined man who lived an exemplary life. He displayed in his character the virtues of selflessness, discipline, objectivity, tolerance and methodical approach to personal, contemporary and national issues. We celebrate the life of Late Ekhomu because he will be remembered for his good deeds, the indelible legacies he left behind including his immense contributions to the development of Security, Safety and Protection and Good Governance. He will be greatly missed by all the people whose paths have been touched by him.”

“It is not debatable that he came, saw, made impressive conquests and left indelible marks on the sands of time. He made great marks as management and security consultant, a scholar, statesman, outstanding stakeholder in the security, social and business sectors of Nigeria. His visionary leadership and dedication to the ideals of creativity, tenacity, professionalism is great.

The Institute further described Late Dr. Ona Ekhomu as a true trailblazer and a great achiever and relating him to the Shakesparean assertion that: “Some are born great, Some achieve greatness While some have greatness thrust upon them. The Great man theory can be largely explained by the impact of “great men” or heroes highly influential individuals who, due to either their personal charisma, intelligence, wisdom or political skill utilized their power in a way that had a decisive historical impact.”

“Human beings can be great in every endeavours of life. Ekhomu possessed DNA of greatness and sophistication which stood him apart among the people of this generation.”

Late Dr. Ona Ekhomu was a renowned security expert who was born March 26th 1955 in Irrua, Edo State, Nigeria. He was the first Chartered Security Professional in West Africa.Author of the highly acclaimed book on security awareness: Effective Personal & Corporate Security (2009), Kidnap: Face to face with death (2014), he was also president of the Association of Industrial Security and Safety Operators of Nigeria (AISSON) and the Africa Representative of the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO).

He was a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) No. 14210 and Certified Protection Professional (CPP) No. 8851, Dr. Ekhomu obtained the BA (History) from Voorhees College, Denmark, South Carolina USA 1977. M.A (Political Science) from the Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 1979; and PhD (Public and International Affairs – Policy Management) from the University of Pittsburgh, USA 1985. He attended the Security Officer Training Academy of Allegheny County in Pennsylvania USA (1986). He obtained the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Act 235 Lethal Weapons Licence in 1986.

Dr. Ekhomu was the President of Trans-World Security Systems Ltd., Chairman of the School of Management and Security and also President of Trans-World Security Systems Inc. of Chicago, Illinois USA. Ekhomu was the Regional Certification Representative of ASIS International (Africa Group 11 — West, Central and Northern Africa).

A former member of the CPP-IDG Committee of the Professional Certification Board (PCB) of ASIS International, he was the former Regional Vice President (RVP) West & Central Africa of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS International) – 2002 to 2007; former Chairman of ASIS Nigeria Chapter – 1999 to 2001. Member of the International Review Board of the Journal of Security Education (New York, NY), National President of the Global Association of Private Security Practitioners (Abuja, Nigeria); Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Industrial Security and Safety of Nigeria.

Member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM); Member of the Academy of Security Educators & Trainers (USA), National Fire Protection Association (USA), and the International Organization of Black Security Executives (USA).

Written by: Frank Oshanugor

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