Group Describes Tinubu’s Threat Of Anarchy As Panicky And Fraudulent

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

By Frank Oshanugor

A pro-democracy group; Good Governance For Nigeria (GGFN) has described as panicky and fraudulent President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s recent statement that Nigeria would witness anarchy if the Presidential Election Tribunal rules against him in its judgement on the on-going case between him and presidential candidates of the Labour Party (LP) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

At the weekend Tinubu was widely reported in the social media as having threatened that the court’s removal of him would bring about anarchy.

This, GGFN said has been characterised as a warning from “a panicked, falsely, fraudulently, “mafialy” elected president. Tinubu’s statement to the court, according to the organisation, was an egregious act of desperation.

According to a statement by its National Secretary, Abdul Ilekhana, GGFN said the contrary will be the case as Nigerians will be ecstatic, jubilant, joyous, joyful, happy and thankful to God if Tinubu is removed.

“What manner of a leader will threaten the judiciary if he truly knows that it is the bastion of peace, justice and democracy, the last bus stop for the masses in search of justice?

“He knows he’s already a gonna. No wonder he went to ECOWAS to advocate the setting up of a regional anti-coup force.
“Huge signs of desperation are already exhibited in his policies. Why declare a state of emergency on the food crisis and not on insecurity?

“Can farming take place while bandits and Boko Haram still run riot in the country? Why remove fuel subsidy without palliatives? And talk of palliatives thereafter? A question of putting the cart before the horse.
Why allocate palliatives to the National Assembly and the Judiciary? Are they too affected by poverty and hunger?

“Just the same thing he did in Lagos and bribed the good, the bad and the ugly and also corrupted even the innocent, just so that he achieved his vaulted political ambition?

“You can see why he got rid of so many generals, by choosing service chiefs from a lower course group. The threat is highly prejudicial and condemnable”, the group emphasised.

Written by: Frank Oshanugor

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