China Belt And Road Initiative: Benefits to Africa


Julius Enehikhuere

By Julius Enehikhuere

Unless African countries are well positioned on a win – win situation with China on bilateral trading relations, this initiative will not be beneficial to them. China is like a moving train, expanding her trading relations in a win-win situation, looking for whosoever is on the road willing and ready to do business.

China is asking African countries on the road what products they have and what are the values added to them for business. African countries including Nigeria should brace up and be ready to do business .China is serious, but are African countries serious?. Nothing comes cheap.

On Nigerian trading relations with China which had blossomed in the past six years, I called on Nigerian government to utilise her comparative advantage to the fullest in key areas. On taking loans from China to boost infrastructure development, I support loans but must be for the purpose of development and the provision of infrastructure on the long run. We need more visibility in the use of the loans. When we talk about Chinese initiative on Belt and Road, its huge investment running into over 150 billion dollars. It is a reinvention of old colonial trade that took China to Asia nations and part of Africa over 1000 years ago.

What is China looking for in Africa? Certainly trading partners to solve economic challenges at home, to boost her economy, to tackle poverty, ready market for goods and services among others. Africa should also use the opportunity to seek for Africa”s economic integration and suitable economic agenda. Also seek for technology development, insecurity across Africa. Nigeria stands to benefit a lot as the giant of Africa with giant problems.

Leadership must show strength and character and also build trust with the Chinese people in doing business. We must reduce the difficulties in the ease of doing business in the environment and more importantly we must kill corruption.

Written by: Frank Oshanugor

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