Abia, Weep Not As PDP Goes Down

Dr. Alex Otti – Labour Party Governorship Flagbearer

By Usodinma Nwaogbe

Predictably on May 29, 2023, Dr. Alex Chioma Otti of the Labour Party (LP) will be sworn in as the next Executive Governor of Abia State. It is the popular demand, wishes, prayers and works of Abia people to have a change of power at the Government House, Umuahia.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) which has been in power in the State since inception of the present democratic dispensation has performed abysmally low. The party failed woefully and disgracefully that the joyful news and expectations of the people is the demise of PDP controlled government in the state.

In Abia, the PDP is a curse, a taboo and barrier to the progress of the state. We either kick it out of the state now or, remain doomed for more years. This particular political party, PDP has dealt with the people of Abia state, they made us look like people without great leaders yet, Abia produced the likes of Michael Okpara, Ike Nwachukwu, Ebitu Ukiwe, Chima Ubani and others. This 2023 is the year to prove that Abia people are not cowards and, that we are definitely not ‘ndi iberibe’. That, together we shall end this oppression by few elements in power. The Abians will certainly show PDP the exit door in this governorship election, willy-nilly.

This is not about Dr. Alex Otti but about the great people of Abia. It is a popular revolution that is gathering momentum in Abia. The people have seen, our ears have heard, our mouths have proclaimed the sufferings under PDP’s Okezie Ikpeazu, and now our voting thumb will send them into oblivion. We are sick and tired of the empty governance in Abia hence, we are prepared for complete overhauling of the system. Abia people are geared towards emancipation, rescuing the state from marauders are our number one goal. God’s Own State cannot be left in the hands of thieves to manage, it is both spiritually and morally offensive. God’s Own People’s mandate is to join Dr. Alex Otti to reclaim the state from the current holders and others eyeing it. Alex Otti is just a symbol of the struggle. It is the peoples’ struggle and determination to end the injustice against the state and its people and, we must. The destruction of the state by these present crop of leaders cannot continue, we must together stop the treasury looting, the stagnancy, the pauperization, infrastructural decay and bad governance. PDP Ozugo!

It is obvious the umbrella is torn and in tatters and can no longer be of any help to the people. The umbrella as it is presently, is harmful and dangerous to the state and its peoples. This umbrella if not dislodged with immediate effect will become VERY injurious and cancerous to our whole lives. It has done more damage. We must now dismantle the umbrella – PDP in Abia, and allow a formidable team of builders – Labour Party (LP) led by Dr. Alex Otti step into the arena and organize the state for better. PDP as it is presently constituted in Abia State cannot deliver anything good. They have done their best. They have played their cards, no more ace to play. They must be voted out of power in 2023.

PDP in Abia created woes, sickness, poverty and hardship. It destroyed the loyalty and commitment among the civil servants of Abia state. It collapsed the enterprising economy of Enyimba City. Aba, a town known for its thriving industry is today an eyesore. The once bubbling commercial city has nosedived into extinction. The strong economic base Aba is known for was shot down by the PDP government because they failed to invest in the economy rather chose to invest in their private businesses and pockets. PDP and APC must not be given any chance to come back to power in Abia. A government with all the federal allocations and others coming to it yet, cannot pay meagre salaries do not deserve to be retained in power.

A government that do not attach premium to human, social and economic infrastructures for development cannot be rated with good performance. Abia lacks any signs of positive development after 23 years of PDP in government. It is then just and right for the demand they vacate power. Abia is supposed to be thriving in agriculture, commerce and industry, science and technology but unfortunately the shortsightedness of the leaders since 1999 created stagnancy and backwardness. However, the willingness of the people to have a change of government is the driving force. It is not this change of PDP to APC, but the change from darkness to light, from fake to real, from retrogression to progress and from government of and for the few to the government of and for the people.

The majority of the people are interested in development, they are interested in the development of our education sector. Education that will train and re-train teachers to prepare the students to compete with their contemporaries anywhere in the world. Abians are interested in industrialization, business development and job creation for the youths. Agriculture is an area that must not be sidelined, we must begin to consider industrial agriculture. There are lands lying fallow in Abia that can be put into judicious use for the benefit of the state and its people.

Our health sector is also important. We must recruit quality medical staff and provide adequate support to help their works, pay them reasonably. Provide equipment and medicines in the health centres that will be built in communities easily accessible to the people.

God’s Own People, we must buckle up to end this PDP government now and forever, once and for all! Let us all rise and practically say, PDP Ozugo o!

Written by: Frank Oshanugor

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