Jack Rich, Sam Ochonma; Bright Spots for Nigerian Youths (BRANDING WORLD)

(L-R) Jack Rich and Sam Ochonma

The man Jack Rich is surely a pride to the oil rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The humanitarian efforts of the Chief Executive Officer of Belama oil is far reaching as diligence is one of the hallmarks that easily stands him out amongst his peers.

In today’s world expecially amongst our youth where honesty, values and selflessness have become rare commodities, Jack Rich’s persona is an endearing one. Evidently, his managerial and leadership qualities are trademarks that the political space of our nation will find very fitting to answer some of the current challenges of nation building.

His sterling qualities remain incontestable which he has developed through hard work, proficiency and strict discipline.

Orphaned at age 10, the odyssey of Jack Rich is today a compelling narrative of a man who has conquered his world and given hope to the hopeless. No doubt, the larger Nigerian society will be the better for it with the likes of Jack. The billionaire recently met dynamic media strategist and reputation brand impresario, Sam Ochonma who sure knows how to give life the fullest of expression.

The vibrant fast rising Managing Director of the Hook Creative Agency has brought his innovative media solutions to the fore which is now making his agency the most sort after by brands in the reputation management ecosystem.

Sam’s agency, The Hook Creative is reputed as the dynamic brain behind the 2018 “Otoge” political revolution in Kwara State which unsat the hitherto invincible political dynasty of the Saraki’s in north central Nigerian State.

Without doubt, Sam knows how to reshape narratives which is now making his Hook Creative outfit the go- to organisation for media, communications and public relations management issues for individuals and institutions who wish to be on the consciousness of their select audiences.

The endearing personalities of the duo of these young men is now an irresistible sign post to those who have an eye for greater visibility on the potentials of more Nigerian youths which they truly represent as a sparkle of hope for the future. Like the proverbial golden fish which has no hiding place, Jack Rich’s image more than ever is becoming a glowing one like the natal star. Jack and Sam really represent youthful elements that our country will find very resourceful in the unfolding dynamics of Nigeria.

Written by: Frank Oshanugor

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