Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship Chieftain Harps On Personal Relationship With God

Engr. Femi Adesanya

By Frank Oshanugor

A National Director with the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International – Nigeria; Engr. Femi Adesanya has advised Christians to give more attention to their personal relationship with God in present time instead of giving priority to their denomination, their pastor or religion.

Adesanya, a University of Lagos trained electrical engineer and currently the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Lagetronix Nigeria Limited, gave the advice while speaking as a guest on Saturday at the Outreach Dinner of the Yaba Eminent Persons chapter, Lagos of the Fellowship.

(L-R) Prof. Woke Famitoni, Ibibia Iniworikabo and Barr. Chidi Ukah

The Information Technology Solution expert who began his speech with a detailed testimony of how God delivered him from the world of occult in his student days at the University of Lagos, emphasised that he has benefitted so much from God through prayers and faith in divine intervention in the affairs of men.

Guests at the event

He revealed that though he was born into a Muslim family, yet he had begun his teenage life as an occultist having been initiated before he gained admission into the University.

Guests at the event

According to him, he had continued with his occult belief as an under-graduate with prospect for fresh initiation as a student. He had lived his early years on campus without believing in Jesus Christ until some point in his life when God used a fellow student to introduce Christ to him.

Guests at the event

On graduation, he was yet to fully accept Christ even though he was married to a Christian spouse until he had encounter with armed robbers in whose hands he almost lost his life if not for the revelation gotten by his wife and her quick intervention in prayers.

During that particular incident, he lost his car, international passport with American visa and cheque to the robbers but God saved his life after the robbers had repeatedly pointed their gun on his head.

While recalling several near-death encounters he had over the years and how he was saved, he said he needed nobody to tell him that God was the one protecting him. He would therefore have no choice but to totally surrender to God.

As a believer now in God and the efficacy of prayers from a clean heart, Adesanya would not hesitate to tell any one who cares to listen that an engineer (himself) who could not afford N13,000 to incorporate his company when he ventured into the private sector business, could instantly be paid N89,000 on just one job he did prior to the company incorporation.

He emphasized the importance of personal closeness to God by obeying His commandments and relating with him constantly in prayers.

In his words, “I am a testimony of God’s goodness today. An engineer who could not afford N13,000 to incorporate a company now has a multi-million naira three storey building at high brow area of Alausa-Ikeja, Lagos. It can only be God” he remarked.

Another National Director of the Fellowship and former Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academics) at the University of Lagos, Prof. Wole Famitoni while encouraging more Christian men from different denominations to join the group, emphasized that they should not misunderstand the Fellowship to be for only those traditionally identified as businessmen.

According to him, he is a university teacher by profession and teaching is automatically his business and qualifies him to belong. He added that there were so much to gain from

belonging to the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International both spiritually and economically.

The outreach dinner which attracted men and women, took place at the event hall of Mulligan Hotel, Sabo-Yaba, Lagos.

Written by: Frank Oshanugor

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