Oil Company Chieftain Calls On IGP To Investigate His Abduction By Abuja Police Officers

IGP Kayode Egbetokun

By Usman Bello

A leading oil dealer in Nigeria, Jide Alawiye has called on the acting Inspector-General of Police, Kayode Egbetukon to carry out thorough investigation into how he was abducted by a top police officer from Lagos to Abuja, intimidated and harassed towards paying a suspected fraudster a huge sum of money without cause.

He lamented that the incident which took place three years ago, led to series of actions by police authorities in Lagos and Abuja only for the case to be abandoned at the instance of the top police officer after detailed investigation was carried out as directed by former Inspectors General of Police.

Giving details of his abduction, the oil chieftain stated; “Triber Energy Limited chartered a ship from Finneke Shipping Ltd (ship managers) in 2018. The payments as agreed with the Bank and Finneke were to be credited to the account of Zirconia Marine and Energy International Ltd (owners of the vessel) who were indebted heavily to Union Bank UK Plc.

“As at July 2019, there was a $175,000 outstanding payments which an unknown Kehinde Ogbor wanted to convert to cash payment fraudulently. To achieve that, he enlisted Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Kontagora of Force Criminal Investigation Department, FCID, Port Harcourt and they agreed to a script that began with a petition and an invitation to me as the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of Triber Energy Limited. The petition claimed that Kehinde Ogbor signed the contract with me in a Port Harcourt Hotel and there was a $250,000 outstanding.

“Note that I have never met or heard about Kehinde Ogbor before this petition and invitation. The Port Harcourt encounter in the office of Kontagora was the first. DCP Ahmed Kontagora, in a very unprofessional way attempted a shake down and requested first payment of $20, 000!cash from whatever balance is owed Finneke, which we tried to explain was not proper as there was an underlying belief that Ogbor is a fraud.

“The then Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, on hearing this anomaly moved the case file from Port Harcourt to FCID annex, Alagbon under AIG Usman Mani. When AIG Mani retired, Kehinde Ogbor believing money was still owed Finneke, approached Deputy Commissioner of Police, Edwin Eloho serving at the Force Headquarters, Abuja and encouraged him to abduct rather than invite me claiming that I have connections and that when Ahmed Kontagora harassed me in Port Harcourt, I signed an undertaking to bring cash but I did not.

“DCP Eloho believing there was $250, O00 or $175,000 on the table for recovery, never bothered to call for the file in Alagbon, but went about requesting photos from Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) of me, tracked my phone and carried out surveillance around my offices in Lagos for about two days by sending two officers, David Attamah and Patrick Azu of the Cryptography and Cybercrime unit in Abuja which Eloho headed to abduct me and further bring the file from Alagbon.

“It is important to know that the monies so owed Finneke ( $175,000) had been settled in March 2020…a full year prior to when DCP Eloho tried to recover same in March 2021 because they did not bother do basic investigations. If he did, he would have discovered that Kehinde Ogbor is not a Director of Finneke Shipping or Zirconia Marine as we checked at CAC during our plan to sue Kehinde Ogbor at the Federal High Court.

“Further, the instruction of DCP Eloho that I be held in a hotel where I was forced to pay for after my abduction in Lagos, was illegal and unlawful.

“After I was released and on receiving a petition on the ‘contract arrest’, recently, retired IGP, Baba Alkali Usman in order to obtain a prompt report on the matter, directed the AIG in charge of Force CID annex, Alagbon, Lagos, Usman Belel to supervise the investigation of the abduction and professional misconducts relating to DCP Eloho as other cases of professional misconducts relating to Eloho had been brought to the attention of the police high command.

The responsibility of the internal investigation fell on the then Commissioner of Police, Anti Fraud at FCID Annex, Alagbon, Lagos, Yomi Oladimeji who sent two invitations to DCP Eloho which he did not honor.
“Ironically, the report, reference CB;700/X/AD.ANNEX/Vol 124/85 indicting Eloho was sent to the FCID headquarters, Area 10, Abuja, where DCP Eloho was able to intercept it and prevent the file reaching IGP’s office.

“The Force CID, Area 10, Abuja, on receiving a request for the file, has been playing cat and mouse game with the police monitoring unit in order to frustrate efforts at exposing atrocities committed by one of their senior officers. DCP Eloho even got his non police foot soldiers to intimidate the lawyer handling the matter for the intended prosecution of the fraudster while efforts to scuttle internal investigation are continuing.”

Written by: Frank Oshanugor

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