Mother Of PPPRA Officer Publicly Disowns Him, Says He Is An Unworthy Son

Mr. Hyacinth Okeibunor Ohai

By Frank Oshanugor

A community leader at Ogwashi-Uku in Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State, Mrs. Anna Ohai has publicly disowned her first son who is an employee of the Petroleum Product Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) Mr. Hyacinth Okeibunor Ohai (a.k.a. Kontour) for what she described as rebellious attitude towards the larger Ohai family.

In a three-page Notice of Disclaimer issued on 17th February, 2022 by her lawyers (O.P. Okprike Chambers), Mrs. Ohai who is in her late 70s said “Hyacinth Okeibunor Ohai has been disowned and is no longer a son and family member of Mrs. Anna Ohai of Ogbe-Odogwu, Azungwu Quarters of Ogwashi-Uku, Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State.”

According to the lawyers in the Notice of Disclaimer (a copy of which was made available to AtlanticNewsonline), the decision has taken effect from this month of February, 2022 and the reasons for it included Hyacinth’s “antagonism for the entire family in his selfish and greedy bid to ensure that none of his fellow siblings excel well in life. He was also accused of illegally confiscating all immovable/movable assets of his parents without honouring his filial relationship with his mother and other siblings.”

Giving a detailed account of circumstances that precipitated Mrs. Ohai’s action, the lawyers said among other things that Mr. Hyacinth Okeibunor Ohai who was cared for, from his time of birth till he became gainfully employed, had never in any way showed appreciation for those who contributed in making him who is today.

According to the lawyers, Hyacinth’s father died while he and his siblings were still minor thereby leaving their mother; Mrs. Anna Ohai to singlehandedly nurture tgem to a stage where other relations showed interest in assisting one way or the other.

Not having the means to bear the financial burden of sending Hyacinth to University, Mrs. Ohai sought the help of her first cousin; Chief (Ambassador) Ralph Uwaechue to see him through higher institution.

“The late Uwaechue did not only see him through school, but also cared for all his needs until he graduated, only for Hyacinth to repay with ingratitude by going round to tell people that the deceased did nothing for him. This attitude of his, allegedly made Uwaechue not to extend the same benevolence to other siblings of Hyacinth.

The lawyers’ Notice of Disclaimer further alleged that apart from Hyacinth’s ingratitude to the late Uwaechue, other relations who assisted him to rise in life were also treated with ungratefulness including those who took him after graduation to Abuja, accommodated, fed him and assisted in securing him a job with PPPRA.

They claimed that instead of assisting his mother and other members of the Ohai family, Hyacinth has chosen to oppress them to ensure that none of his siblings becomes greater than him.

Lawyers in their Notice of Disclaimer further alleged that Hyacinth has continued to stand against the unity of his father’s family by not caring to secure their landed property from those who attempted to take ownership of their land years back. The land was litigated and won by their mother Mrs. Anna Ohai and Hyacinth’s younger brother Gabriel Ohai.

They further alleged that “the recent attack against his supposed younger brother who had been conferred with the Odogwu of Ogwashi-Uku title by His Royal Majesty Obi Ifechukwude Aninshi Okonjo II, the Obi of Ogwashi-Uku Kingdom was master-minded by him.”

According to the lawyers, “Hyacinth wanted the Odogwu title for himself, hence the envy and gross jealousy when he could not be conferred with same by the Obi of Ogwashi-Uku.”

“He has continued to boast openly that he has no regrets for his actions which included arson, willful damage and other serious crimes committed against his younger brother.”

In all, Mrs. Anna Ohai through her lawyers posited that Hyacinth due to his recalcitrant behavior “is a prodigal son, a black sheep and enemy of his mother and siblings which is a taboo and sacrilegious in Ogwashi-Uku culture.”

He is therefore not worthy to be called a son and his mother has disowned him and “has advised him in his own interest to look for his parents as he does not belong to Mrs. Anna Ohai and her late husband.”

According to the Notice of Disclaimer, Mrs. Ohai has subsequently warned Hyacinth to stay away from anything that has to do with her customarily at her death anytime as he would not have any right of inheritance from her.

Written by: Frank Oshanugor

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