Lagos Labour Party Chairman, Dayo Ekong Cautions Traducers, Promises A Stronger Party

Lagos Labour Party Chairman, Mrs. Dayo Ekong

By Frank Oshanugor

Lagos State Chairman of the Labour Party (LP) Pastor (Mrs) Dayo Ekong has reacted to some misinformation going on, in section of the social media with respect to her activities as the Chairman of the Party in Lagos.

In a statement circulating in the social media, Ekong has taken time to address several issues verging on the role and activities of certain persons associated with the Party in Lagos. Below is the statement.

“It has come to my notice of the barrage of write- ups by some persons casting aspersions on my name and my hard earned integrity built up over so many years and also some false narratives being circulated both in the

mainstream and social media. I had before now restrained myself from joining issues with people because of my resolve not to run the labour party in Lagos state on social media platforms, but having realized that if falsehood is not challenged, overtime time, people will tend to take it as the truth.

In view of the above, I wish to make the following clarifications to put the record straight.

1) I Pastor (Mrs) Dayo Ekong remains the caretaker committee chairman of Lagos State Labour Party, and it is my responsibility to offer effective leadership to the party based on justice, equity and fairness.

2)I have the conviction to maintain party’s supremacy at all times, and I am not oblivious of the fact that in doing that, toes must be stepped on. Those who believe so much in the old order must kick and fight back. We are determined to march on in building a one formidable, strong and united Labour party across party line to usher in the “new Nigeria” which the majority of the citizens are clamouring for no matter whose ox is gored. One with God is majority.

3) I do not have any personal issue with Eunice Atuejude. My encounter with her borders on discipline, accountability and transparency in party affairs. Atuejude on her own went to solicit for funds on behalf of the party from some friends and supporters of the party to help some of our candidates prosecute their matters with the election petition tribunal without recource to the party.

4) The people so contacted insisted that the party chairman must approve before the funds will be released, and this is how the party got involved.

5) On approval by the state chairman, the sum of N10m was released to Atuejude, which we confirmed was sent to the lawyer representing the candidates. The party was duly informed that several millions of naira had already been collected by Miss Atuejude from the candidates, the sum Which she never sent to the lawyer or accounted for same.

4) On reciept of the complaints, the party sent a letter to Atuejude to come and clear the air on the financial impropriety leveled against her by her colleagues. Instead of doing that, Miss Atuejude has taken it upon herself to insult “herself” in all the WhatsApp platforms, turning herself as the national chairman and leader of the party.

6) I, as the Chairman of Labour Party in Lagos State will not and cannot be intimidated by billions of Eunice put together and her gang of enemies of Labour Party who have shown who they truly are!!. Eunice must come to answer and clear her name of the allegations leveled against her.

7) As for Arabambi and Apapa who are expelled and suspended members respectively, I want the whole world to note that the duo are only playing the script authored by their APC paymasters.

8) How on earth can one explain their obsession with the matters filed by the party alongside the candidates to reclaim our stolen mandates. How do we come to terms with Arabambi’s call for the arrest of the presidential candidate of the party HE Peter Obi who has not said or done anything that is likely going to cause the breakdown of law and order. Can Mr. Arabambi quote HE of ever calling for interim government in the country? This same Arabambi is the same person responsible for Labour Party Lagos State not fielding candidates for all the elective positions during the recently concluded general elections, after collecting millions of naira from the aspirants.
Details of these fraudulent collections will be made public very soon.

9) I want to call the attention of the members of the party to the communique issued by Arabambi, Lamidi Apapa and their cohorts after their fake NEC meeting in Bauchi wherin they said that “there were positive and considerable improvement during the governorship election comparatively with the presidential”. They suppressed the truth and eulogized INEC in order not to injure their paymaster.

10) Has Arabambi explained his “romance” with the APC governor of Ogun state? This is the man that has shamelessly been working for the APC before he was suspended and later expelled from the party for same anti party activities.

11) If there is anyone to stand trial for infractions on the party, it is Arabambi and no other person.

12) In conclusion, I want to state emphatically that there is no faction of Labour Party in Lagos state under my leadership. Any other person or group of persons parading himself/theirselves is and are nothing but imposters and the long arm of the law will soon catch up with them including their sponsors.
Those in doubt should check the INEC website for further clarifications.”

Written by: Frank Oshanugor

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