Keep Hope Alive, Delta Labour Party PCC Coordinator Tells Youths, Members, Supporters

Comrade Onochie Osheokwu, LP-PCC Delta Coordinator

By Frank Oshanugor

As controversies trail the conduct of last Saturday’s Governorship and State Assembly elections in various states of the federation, Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) Coordinator in Delta State, Comrade Onochie Osheokwu has advised Nigerian youths, members and supporters of the Party not to be discouraged with the outcome of the elections.

Speaking with AtlanticNewsonline on Tuesday, Osheokwu encouraged all OBIdients not to lose hope but to keep genuinely believing in the course of a better Nigeria.

Addressing residents of Delta specifically, he said “for those of you who chickened out, you may never have this opportunity to free yourself from selfish, clueless and greedy leaders, who have turned our state to their private and personal properties to do whatever they like.

“It was a golden opportunity to redeem our state for a better tomorrow, where justice, equity, fairness and human rights are respected. It was an opportunity for the oil producing communities to enjoy from their 13% derivation revenue, which has been plundered by a few individuals in Delta State unchallenged. It was an opportunity to free the State from all manners of corrupt practices that have turned Delta State that receives the highest FAAC allocation and 13% derivation to the 2nd most indebted State in Nigeria.

“A state that uses borrowed resources, to fund the ambitions of one man and buy votes by paying 10k each to all civil servants whose promotion arrears, have not been paid for years since this administration. A State where pensioners are owed their gratuity for years unattended. A State where vote buying was openly done unchallenged with State resources.”

Feeling irked with what may be described as gross impunity in Delta State, Osheokwu asked “Where are the Elders of Delta State? Or don’t we have Elders Forums? What is the future of our Youth bodies, who have joined them in just sharing the States resources that are meant for development? How would that phenomenon bring development to such youth?

“All over the world, the youths are known for challenging oppressive activities of leaders. Now that they are bought, who is going to do that work?” he asked.

The Labour Party chieftain reviewing the activities of the party so far, pointed out that “I thought we are going to form a formidable front to confront the bad leadership in Nigeria and our State. But some of our people sold out for a pot of portage. It surely means, we are not genuinely committed to the struggle for a better Nigeria and a better Delta State. If we say our Governorship candidate Dcn Ken Pela was weak, what about our formidable House of Assembly candidates across the state? Were they weak too? I am highly disappointed at those that did the trade off. I bet you, whatever you were given, shall not give you any joy or satisfaction for too long. You will be back to square zero again.”

The PCC Coordinator has therefore advised such party members to repent and “genuinely join the struggle to free our country and state, so that posterity will judge you aright. I most sincerely appeal to all those that stood by the party to be courageous as evil cannot continue to succeed and remain forever. It is people that God uses, to bring change. Be happy that you are one of us.”

He assured that, “gradually we shall increase in number, and gradually we shall conquer them, because, those reaping the State are not more than us, who are down trodden” adding that a new Nigeria is very possible.

Written by: Frank Oshanugor

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