Gory Tale Of How 28-Year-Old Cultist Gave Out Brother To His Killer Cult Gang

Suspected Cultist John Gabriel

By Frank Oshanugor

It sounds like a tale by moonlight but it remains incontrovertibly a reality as operatives of the Nigeria Police Intelligence Response Team ( IRT) led by Olatuniji Disu ,a Deputy Commissioner of Police have arrested a 28- year- old suspected cult member ,who exposed his brother to his own gang to be killed way back in 2015.

Gabriel and co-cultists

The deceased elder brother of the arrested cult member was in April 2015 reportedly killed in front of his parents’ home at Checkpoint area of Morogbo along the Lagos – Badagry expressway, less than five minutes after his younger brother ,Gabriel left him ,where the two of them were sitting .

The IRT operatives also arrested two other suspected cultists , Godwin Ovie -Ogbar and Olaleye Alashe ,who both confessed to be members of the Vickings and Aiye cult groups

Gabriel confessed to have exposed his brother as a member of a rival cult group but denied being aware that his gang wanted to kill his elder brother and also that he was not part of the killing .

John Gabriel, popularly known as “Gabby” told journalists that “I am 28 years old I am an internet fraudster .I am from Ese Odo Local Government in Ondo State. I became a member of the Aiye cult group ,when I wanted to learn interment fraud. A friend, Damilola said that I had to be initiated into the cult, before he could teach me how to do internet fraud. Because I was very desperate, I quickly agreed and I was initiated in 2014.”

“The suspect added that “He ( Damilola ) only taught me for six months and since then, I have been on my own ,doing my things until I met Ovie. He was working at a hotel, where I had gone to enjoy myself. We belong to different cult groups but we are very close friends .”

Gabby also claimed that ” There was a time I was robbed in my house at OPIC Estate in Agbara.That was when I told Ovie that we needed to get a gun that I can use for protection. I didn’t know that he already had a gun. He just told me that a gun would cost #180, 000 and I paid #100,000 into his account .I didn’t know that he had a gun already .”

” At times ,the gun will be in his possession and at times ,it will be in my possession. I have not used it for anything. On December 31, they wanted to go and fight with some rival cult groups and I handed over the gun to him .

“Then Vikings and Alora were fighting in Agbara .He used the gun to fight then .I used to keep the guns under the gas cooker in my kitchen.”

He also confessed that ” That was not the only gun that I keep there .I have another one ,a double barrel pistol. A friend Patrick and I contributed to buy that one . Patrick and I were into internet fraud. There was a time we made a huge amount of money and he came up with the idea that we should get a gun for our protection .

Gabby ,who formerly a tricycle mechanic also narrated how his elder brother was killed by his own gang,when he said ” It was Perere and Agar that killed my brother. I didn’t know anything about it but they are members of the same Aiye group with me .My brother was an Eiye member .”

“What happened was that, in 2015 ,there was a clash between Alora and Aiye and somehow ,Eiye was also involved but the clash was really between Alora and Aiye. A member of the Aiye was killed then and our people were looking for a way to retaliate.

Perere and Ogar called me and asked me if I knew any Eiye member in my area and I told them that there was none, except my brother and we lived in the same house .”

” I didn’t know that they were planning to kill him .On the day that they killed my brother. We were sitting in front of our house playing with one of my friends , Micheal Odili ,when a member of the Aiye group ,FM ,who is also my friend called me to join him at a place, where they sell cooked noodles very close to my house .”

He also stated that ” I was still in that place ,when I got news that my brother had been shot in front of my house. I identified those ,who killed him as Perere and Ogar,who are members of my group .I didn’t know that they would kill my brother.

” Since then,I stopped relating with Perere and Ogar .I started doing my things on my own .”

Twenty six years old Olaleye Alashe also confessed to being a member of the Aiye cult group and also claimed that he was initiated as a precondition to be taught internet fraud. He said ” I was trained as a fashion designer and I also do POP works .I was arrested in Gabby’ s house. I stayed in the apartment with him .”

Olaleye also added that ” I know that Gabby had two guns and where he used to keep them. I have not followed them to fight. I only accepted to join the cult group because they insisted that that was the only condition for him to teach me me how to do internet fraud. A firend ,Kojo told me to join him in attending a party in the Ado- Odo area of the state but they took me to the bush and initiated me into the group .

Godwin said ” I am 27 years from Delta .I stay in the Iyana Era area of Lagos State. I was arrested because I was in possession of firearms. I had a beretta pistol that was given to me by my godfather ,who introduced me to culstism . My Godfather ,Uzoma Okeke told me to keep the gun for him .We are members of Vikings cult group .”

He also added that “I knew Uzoma in Magbon ,where my father stays. I wanted to study Marine Engineering and he had a brother ,who was already a marine engineer . I told him to link me up with his brother and he insisted that I must be initiated into the cult group,before he could help me.

” I was initiated in 2018 and he gave the pistol to me since 2018. He only gave me the pistol to keep for him .During that same year, he came two times to collect the pistol and he returned it to me. He was killed during a clash at the Ladipo Auto Spare Parts during a clash during Aro Berger and Eiye cult groups .”

The suspect however claimed that ” since he was killed in 2018 , I buried the gun and I have not been using it for anything until I met John Gabriel, who is a member of another cult group but he is my friend. He suggested that we should buy a gun to be using for protection during clashes among cult groups and I collected #100 000 ( one hundred thousand naira ) from him and brought out the pistol as the one I bought with the money .”

Godwin also added that ” I only used the gun once .It was when one of my friends, Ekene was having having an issue with a rival cult group in the Agbara area of Ogun. He contacted me and we went to a hotel and shot a member of the rival cult group. He did not die .That was January 2021 .It was the arrest of Ekene that led to my arrest .I have never used the gun to steal .”

Written by: Frank Oshanugor

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