“Do Not Interfere In Your Children’s Marriage” Doctor Advises Parents

Chukwuma Nwoye and Chukwufunanya Emordi, the newly wedded couple

A medical doctor and Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Warri-based Lukanmso Medical Health Products and Services, Dr. Nicholas Aduba has advised parents not to unnecessarily interfere in the affairs of their children already given out in marriage.

Speaking in Warri recently in his capacity as the Chairman at the traditional marriage of Chukwuma Nwoye and Chukwufunanya Emordi, both of whom are based in Canada, Aduba said marriage as an institution ordained by God is a union of man and woman who have chosen to live as one and as such, third parties particularly parents should not get involved in the marital affairs of their children.

He specifically advised parents of the bride; Sir & Mrs. Tony Emordi and parents of the groom, His Royal Highness Alexander Nwoye and wife not to be concerned on how their children are piloting their marital issues. “Your children should be allowed to learn how to manage their own marital affairs. Normally, they would make mistakes, but they have to learn from the mistakes,” Aduba advised.

Describing the occasion as a day of celebration, the medical doctor said: “Today is a happy day. We are celebrating and witnessing the marriage between Chukwuma and Chukwufunanya. We are happy and glad to be here. When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no. This is just a confirmation of what has been agreed upon by God Himself, the families, parents and the couple themselves. We are happy and glad to be here,” he said

.Father of the bride and retired senior official of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Sir Tony Emordi speaking at the event which took place at the high brow Manuex Hotel and Event Centre, Warri, described his daughter as a great asset.

In his words, “my daughter Chukwufunanya is a typical example of God’s blessings to my family. She is one of the greatest assets I have. She is a game changer and she will bring positive changes to Nwoye’s family. Chukwuma is my first son inlaw. I want to congratulate His Royal Highness Nwoye for bringing my great asset to his house.”

Obviously speaking out of emotion and deep fatherly love for his daughter, Emordi has this to say, “I want to advise the Highness and his wife to please tell Chukwuma not to touch my daughter because by doing so, he has touched me in the most dangerous place. So he should please avoid it just as I bless their marriage to be a success in all ramifications.”

The new couple Chukwuma and Chukwufunanya were physically absent as they are based in Canada. However, they got linked to the occasion via internet streaming and could be seen on screen rejoicing as they watched activities taking place on their behalf at marriage ceremony.

One of the highlights of the occasion was the cutting of the wedding cake by parents of the bride and groom. It was an exciting moment watching Sir Emordi and his amiable wife holding the cake knife on one side while the groom’s parents held the knife on the other side.

Soon after cutting of the cake both couples were joined on the dancing floor by their guests to dance and celebrate the marriage just as the traditional spraying of crisp naira notes of various denominations visibly added some bliss and colour. It was really a time for guests to rejoice with both families who from every appearance are relatively not lacking in means and sustance.

Attendance of guests from both sides were overwhelming as the 500-seater event hall was filled to capacity though with some adherence to prevailing Covid-19 protocols. Members of the Ubulu-Uku community in Warri led by the Ochu Udo of the town, Chief Ralph Okonye showed up in great numbers to rejoice with the Emordi family who is one of their own. Same with the Emordis’ colleagues from the NNPC where both Tony and his wife, Pat worked for years.

The groom’s parents also were greatly honoured by well placed guests, a good number of whom were traditional rulers of Igbo extraction ably led to the occasion by the President General of Eze Ndigbo in Diaspora. The Uga community from Anambra State showed enormous love for their traditional ruler; His Royal Highness Alexander Nwoye whose son was getting married as the community was represented in great numbers.

As staunch Catholics, members of different groups from the denomination also joyfully graced the occasion and they included Knights and Ladies of St. Mulumba, St. John and St. Paul. There were also members of the Catholic Church of Transfiguration, NNPC branch and many other guests from different walks of life and parts of the country. The occasion would surely be cherished for a long time by those who were physically present.

Written by: Frank Oshanugor

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